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We Are Ladies On The Run

How many times have you been spontaneously invited out and need your hair done that very minute? Or have decided you want to get back into shape and need a Personal Trainer just a few steps away from your home or workplace, or you have a leak in the bathroom and need a plumber, not tomorrow but now!

Ladies On The Run creates a platform for hard working, busy talented ladies (Service Providers) to advertise their business, and skills to their local area in live real time! Service Providers can share their immediate availbility with a flick of a switch. Which in turn helps people find local on-demand services whom are readily available that very instant! Customers can connect with Service Providers who are logged on and immediately available to supply their services in their local area.

The app has been specifically designed to provide an advertising platform for ladies whom are self employed, start ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and any other provider of services. We recognise that there are vast amounts of talented and skilled ladies that are self employed, work from home, or whom are mobile that can provide invaluable services to their local area but should not have to pay the costly advertising fees to promote their services. The Ladies On The Run App provides ladies with a great opportunity to advertise your business and make money in the hours you choose!


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